Sri Garuda Constructions

Salient Features:

  1. Independent houses traditionally built with 75% eco-friendly and natural materials.
  2. Houses are designed strictly according to Vasthu principles.
  3. Construction size starts from 1500 sq. ft. to 3500 sq.ft., with two-to-four bedrooms and a separate Deity room. It all depends on the size we prefer.
  4. Every house is built on a plot of 15,000 sq. ft, with a well for our water requirements.
  5. Each plot is set with different areas for flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit trees; gardens well-suited for different seasons. All our basic Deity worship and kitchen needs are met.
  6. Gobar-gas installation for your kitchen and free training on maintaining and using the system provided for the first year. No more dependence on gas cylinders.
  7. The houses are powered solely by solar panels, not by the more expensive and less esthetic electric lines and cables.
  8. A small and simple temple similar to the Rajapur Jagannatha Mandir in (Mayapur) in every community for devotees to attend temple programs.
  9. Based on Srila Prabhupada’s teachings, a school for each community that provides the education necessary for living an honest and unhypocritical life of beauty and simplicity.
  10. Ayurvedic and allopathic clinics to handle all sorts of medical emergencies.
  11. A community with a goshala, where only the local and traditional Indian breeds of cows and bulls are maintained.
  12. Every house has some space for a cowshed where, if the community members are inclined, they can maintain a cow.
  13. Each property owner is provided with additional two acres of land to grow food crops. The barter system is practised in the community. Assistance and training by experienced farmers provided for the first two years. The extra agricultural land is a mile away from the residential area.
  14. The housing communities are quite close to the local towns with good hospitals, so that any modern medicine or medical care is easily accessible. These towns also have decent schools, in case the community members want to send their children for higher studies.
  15. Houses designed with a centre courtyard. Brahmasthan is the centre of a structure – The open courtyard in the centre of the house symbolises the concentration of light, wind, sound and positive energy.
  16. Presence of security guards at all times.
  17. Excellent preaching opportunities to cultivate people living in nearby villages and towns.
  18. Locations close to holy places of pilgrimage related to Lord Vishnu or His devotee servants.
  19. No recession, inflation, layoffs, no slavery or market crash in the housing sector.
  20. Fresh air, clean water, good health, organic food and ahimsa milk are always available.
  21. Project cost ranges from twenty-five lakhs to ninety lakhs (which is how much an investor spends for a mere matchbox-sized apartment). The price will vary according to land space and the required construction space.
  22. A gift of a gentlemanly life similar to the one our elders lived just fifty years ago, in tune with nature.
  23. No untimely death by motor car or motorbike accidents; nor by food or water pollution, and especially never because of cancer.

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