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We are a team of devotees from India. Most of us worked in different parts of the world in different MNCs. Some of us have retired and have been working on this project for the past two years, and the remaining members are returning to India for good this year.

Our vision is to live a life of self-sufficiency, as desired by Srila Prabhupada, and facilitate interested devotees who would like to live the same way.

Anyone interested in living a simple, intelligent, healthy, pure and straightforward life in a Krishna-conscious environment based on Srila Prabhupada’s teachings can enjoy the benefits of this residential project.

This is not an Iskcon project. It is an independent project and has no connection whatsoever with Iskcon management in any form.

The houses are designed according to Vasthu, and the whole housing project is developed under the guidance of Vasthu experts from India.

Srila Prabhupada did not want us to live like beggars but, at the same time, not lead an extravagant life. There has to be a balance.

All our houses have a modern look but traditional designs have been worked into it. Our row of houses is similar to the housing plan of the West. Our community will have reliable security, street lights, and clean, well-built roads surrounded by lawns and gardens.

Our plan has been adapted from the design of the Sri Rangam Temple and its buildings. The temple is in the middle, and houses surround the temple. In the Sri Rangam community, there is no space between houses; but in our community, we will have ample space between any given pair of houses. 

Within India, we have procured lands for this purpose in Telangana, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharastra and Orissa. Outside India, we have properties in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia & Fiji.

It is not possible to reveal the exact locations at present. The main reason for not divulging the location information is this: hundreds of ill-intentioned people in the guise of devotees if allowed to invest in our places, will simply hike the prices and make a sort of commercial greed take hold of the community. We do not want the situation that devotees now face in Mayapur, where the land price equals the investment one might make in big cities like Mumbai. Because of these ill-intentioned people, we will lose our project’s vision and self-sufficiency model; once we lose it, the community will become an uninhabitable slum of total chaos.  

We are at least three or four hours away from the main cities. The lands closer to the cities are very expensive. We are closer to towns and big villages, which have a decent network of railway stations, bus stands, hospitals, banks and schools.

We choose locations with tropical weather, good fertile soil and plenty of water. These facilities and weather conditions are essential for farming and caring for cows.

We have different designs for houses with two, three, or four bedrooms. All are designed according to Vasthu principles. Every design cost is calculated according to the amount of space chosen and the construction style. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email after August 2023. We will let you know the procedure for getting a design.

We use 75 % natural or eco-friendly materials for construction. The same materials or ingredients were used even 100 years before. The construction lasts at least eighty-plus years because of using traditional construction materials. As the houses we are building have modern touches, we use the latest quality materials for a good finish.

All our houses have pleasantly lower temperatures in summer and are warmer in winter. It is also healthier to live in homes built of environment-friendly materials.

We do not promote any Apartment projects. Living in Apartments is not a good idea—that too in high-rise apartments. Apartments with a maximum of two floors are okay but not worth investing in if it is more than two floors. We all should own at least a small piece of land to build houses. The apartment culture is the translation of “Na Gharka Na Ghatka” or “Trishanku Sargi”, which means, respectively, “belonging to neither home nor the cemetery” and “hanging mid-air”. In an apartment, one owns neither the floor nor the ceiling; nor the side walls. The present-day generation does not value wealth, as they get fast and easy money, and their intelligence is lost when it comes to making wise investments.

According to the budget, land space can be allocated, and a house can be constructed. It all depends upon your financial capacity. Our projects are far from cities, and our primary occupation is agriculture, and we have no dependence on city jobs; hence our land prices are low. Our project costs start from twenty-five lakhs. Every family should have an independent house with some land to grow vegetables, flowers and grains. We’ll be able to design the house according to your financial capacity.

We have a charity department where elderly devotees, Srila Prabhupada disciples, and devotees who cannot afford a house will be provided free accommodation and food in all our projects. So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any such issues; we’re there to help you.

We provide training and maintenance for the first two years.

Each property will have enough space for growing food for our daily kitchen needs. So we need not seek hand-outs from others, which is what self-sufficiency means. Moreover, when we practice the barter system, we exchange one commodity for another and remain independent and free from the pressure exerted by artificial paper money. The capitalist system is a complicated network. Srila Prabhupada expected us to live a simple and peaceful life without stress. And His Divine Grace often said, “Nothing is impossible.”

Each property will have the below-mentioned sections:

  • The vegetable section with various gourd vegetables like ridge gourd, bitter gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd and sponge gourd. Additionally, there will be tomatoes, green chillies, brinjals, pumpkins, beans, okra, different spinach varieties, and other seasonal vegetables.
  • The fruit section contains papaya, jackfruit, mango, guava, pineapple, gooseberries, lemons, oranges, bananas, and watermelon. In addition, many other varieties of fruits will be available in each property.
  • The herb section will have various herbs like Lemon grass, Mint, holy Basil, Tulasi plants, Ashwagandha and Giloy. These herbs are suitable for cooking and treating all kinds of minor medical emergencies.
  • The auspicious trees section with trees like Banana, Mango, Neem, Beal, Coconut, and Kadamba trees will be in each plot. These trees bring auspiciousness and a solid spiritual atmosphere to our residential areas. All these trees will also be planted in different areas of the community. Moreover, additional trees like Peepal, Ashoka, Banyan(Vata Vriksha) and Parijata will be within the community premises to bring in spiritual potency to the place.
  • The flower section has plants like Jasmine, Kadamba, Parijata, a small Lotus pond, Marigolds and Roses.

All garden sections are designed according to Vasthu.

The best-suited occupation for the jiva to live and prosper in this world is agriculture and cow protection. People belonging to all four varnas, namely,  brahmana, kshatriya, vaisya and Sudra, are to engage in this occupation according to their natural and financial capacity. The Vaisyas used to fully engage in agriculture and cow protection with all their energy and wealth. Agriculture is the most practical and suitable occupation for humanity since it has no room for recession, inflation, or unemployment in this field created by God.
We guide and provide decent training for the first two years for a reasonable training fee. After the training, anyone can become an expert at it. Two years is the official training period, but our experience has shown that anyone who dedicatedly applies himself to the task can learn it all within eight months.

Medical insurance is unnecessary in a farm-life set-up because of the intake of fresh milk and organically grown grains, fruits and vegetables. When you eat healthy, where is the question of cancer or other ailments? Today, we spend much time in front of a mobile phone or laptop, minus exercise. So the body has stopped sweating, which is one of the primary reasons we get diseased. Additionally, with all the harmful radiation from cell phone towers and service stations providing internet connections, what (other than cancer) can we expect from today’s modern lifestyle?

Please remember the 14th sloka of the Bhagavad-Gita’s third chapter, where Lord Krishna says that spiritual sacrifices (spiritual practices and rituals) must always be performed to get rain and a good harvest. Today, where are the villages where farmers are practising devotional services?  If the recommended spiritual practices are performed, then there is no scarcity. Mother Earth will bless her children with all that is required.

On the contrary, the news media will always work for the money-minded corporates, which want people to live in the cities to enslave them as cheap labourers in their factories as Ugra-Karma workers. Thus they portray villagers as people always living in poverty and pain.

During a morning walk in 1973,  Srila Prabhupada emphatically instructed devotees not to be a part of the ugra-karma economy, a brainless motor car civilization. He warned that the capitalist system would collapse, and we must prepare for a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle based on land and cows.

Srila Prabhupada has not mentioned land and cows merely once or twice but hundreds of times through his lectures, conversations, and personal letters. Each time he discussed lands or cows, he emphasized the need for us to have a farm-based, self-sufficient life of Krishna consciousness. This is one particular project that Srila Prabhupada desired very much from deep within; he wanted his followers to embrace it.

Srila Prabhupada predicted that devotees would suffer if they did not take the self-sufficiency lifestyle seriously. This current capitalist economy looks all good externally with fancy flyovers and cars, ultra-modern gadgets and skyscrapers with easy money flowing in; but internally, the system is hollow and can collapse at any time.

The Lord has already sent several warnings; so we need to prepare ourselves for moving toward self-sufficiency.

Please remember the fear and pain we experienced during the pandemic two years ago. Lord Krishna sent us this solid warning so that we would wake up to the need to move to villages and grow our own food. We were locked into our houses for several months, completely dependent on outside sources for food and other necessities. As conditioned souls, we tend to forget our pain after we experience just a little pleasure.

Just last year (2022), the war in Ukraine caused more than twenty thousand devotees to lose their jobs, homes and apartments they had in the city, which is another warning from Lord Krishna. The devotees, unfortunately, had to look for shelter and food, as they were all based in cities. As a result, the majority of our devotees became orphans and homeless.

Since the end of 2022, we have been hearing about layoffs, recessions, inflation, bankruptcies and banks getting dissolved. Recently, we have been coming up against news that’s more alarming than ever: top leading scientists are worried about incorporating AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the world’s social networks. Industrial tycoons like Elon Musk (Tesla) have openly commented on the dangers of AI programs. The world is certainly heading in a wrong and pitiable direction.

Lord Sr Krishna is showing us that the capitalist economy is a total failure based on speculation, manipulation and exploitation of all the earth’s resources. As a result, there is a recession every ten years, a housing market collapse and staff layoffs. In this way, we live in constant fear and anxiety in the capitalist economy. We all hear from the news channels that weather patterns are negatively changing… For example, the sea levels are rising because of the melting of the glaciers, etc. But we are unfortunately still busy chasing our materialistic American dreams and, furthermore, planning to push our children into this deadly system.

Any like-minded devotees can form a team and get these farm projects organized. Please request the devotees based in Salem, Chowpatty, Delhi and Pune temples.

These devotees are blessed with unlimited spiritual Shakti due to their dedication. They are also blessed with a lot of financial power and a powerful workforce. Of course, we are sure that many more Iskcon temples and individual devotees within the movement are exceptionally endowed with the capability of heading, overseeing and seeing these projects to their completion.

To name a few of the powerful and qualified devotees with organizational skills: Gauranga Prabhu, Radhe Shyam Prabhu, and Amogha Lila Prabhu. They can help and save thousands of devotees by setting up residential farm communities. They are disciplined and organized and have the blessings of everything required at their fingertips. They can do wonders toward fulfilling Srila Prabhupada’s final unfulfilled desire. All they need to do is wish to begin and change the lifestyle of their congregation.

Krishna Incense is an independent project not connected with the Devotee Housing project. You can purchase a few boxes for your diety worship if you like.

Presently, we are overloaded with a lot of enquiries. It is best to subscribe to our newsletter, and we will update you gradually after our construction starts.

The Amish community based in Pennsylvania in the United States is close to practising self-sufficiency. Its members do not believe in the present-day industrialism based on consumerism; they rather strongly believe in the traditional lifestyle that entails growing their food on their farms and living a life of self-sufficiency. They know how to build their own houses! And to date, many of them still use horse-drawn carts for transportation, avoiding using cars and trucks. Theirs is an exemplary life worthy of worldwide emulation.

Our communities being planned in Asia are based on villages that successfully functioned even forty years before in India. They have a modern touch to them, allowing for practicality.

Millions of villages in India are still self-sufficient, and their residents do not leave their homes in search of employment. The great philosopher and kingmaker Chanakya state that only a person fit for nothing leaves his hometown searching for jobs elsewhere. An intelligent person does not depend on anyone to meet his life’s basic needs.

Apart from agriculture, our members will be trained in plumbing, carpentry, pottery, weaving, sewing, astrology, and Ayurveda. Some readers who visit our website may consider its mission to be a fairy tale, but for people with goals and strong vision, anything is possible to achieve. We are not talking about expeditions to space or about building huge cities. We are planning to revive and reinstate a system that was very much dominant not longer than just thirty or forty years ago. It takes dedication, vision, and strong passion. We would be happy even if just 50% of our plan succeeds. Please note that we are not doing something foreign, alien, or new. We are not even going back to Dvapara Yuga… We are going back a mere thirty years! Our vision and plan are based on Srila Prabhupada’s teachings.

We have committed enough mischief using the concept of Yukta-Vairagya, doing whatever we want in the name of spirituality. So let’s do something to truly please our Founder-Acarya and be amply blessed.

We welcome everyone to be a part of our housing project community. Please go through all the information provided on the website, especially the messages under the clickable menus “Project Details” and “General Faq” on the website header. Every item of information on our website is important. Kindly email us, and we will add you to our mailing list. We’ll contact you personally by email when we are ready for our presentation.

We also humbly suggest that you keep us as your last option and try researching communities developed by other devotees in India and overseas. If you are not able to identify any quality project, then please do come to us.

Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatah!
Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu !
Hari Om Tat Sat !

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