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Please spare us ten or fifteen minutes to read our Questions and Answers.

This page contains general questions and answers about farm life and self-sufficiency.  We politely recommend a slow and focused reading for optimum benefit.

We strongly suggest that you create your residential farm community in India or overseas. Join like-minded devotee friends who have the same vision and goals and start a project. Cooperate and understand each other well. Interact with one another respectfully by appreciating good ideas and plans. Plan carefully, with a lot of patience. Global economies are falling apart, and we are running out of time! If you are considering joining us, we urge you to make it your last option.

If you are from a village and have the support of your relatives and local friends, then please start a simple, village-style temple and an educative farm project in your area. The farm project should emphasize organic farming, the barter system, and the protection of cows (especially the traditional Indian breeds). We need hundreds of such projects to guide devotees and the outside world.

A clear and clean intention of always serving the devotees and people will guarantee success. If the seed is good, one can get good fruit. On the other hand, the project will fail if one’s only goal is profits earned through manipulative and unethical methods born of greed. Lack of integrity governed by selfishness is doubtless the catalyst of failure.

Just like we select good areas or neighbourhoods to live with our family, we need to check the soil quality and the Vasthu of the area and see if there are any temples nearby, besides checking if the locals in nearby villages are friendly people. We strongly recommend staying far away from places where fanatical religious practitioners live. Only buy up to three acres per family. We often tend to purchase hundreds of acres and face disasters, as we must maintain such a massive plot of land. Our motto should be: grow slowly and naturally.

Please remember the 14th sloka of the Bhagavad-Gita’s third chapter, where Lord Krishna says that spiritual sacrifices (spiritual practices and rituals) must always be performed to get rain and a good harvest. Today, where are the villages where farmers are practising devotional services?  If the recommended spiritual practices are performed, then there is no scarcity. Mother Earth will bless her children with all that is required.

On the contrary, the news media will always work for the money-minded corporates, which want people to live in the cities to enslave them as cheap labourers in their factories as Ugra-Karma workers. Thus they portray villagers as people always living in poverty and pain.

People who live in cities are primitives. Seventy-five per cent of the population residing in India and other Asian countries have lived in villages for generations, and we get food from them. If you are from any part of Asia, someone from your ancestral side is likely to be practising farming. Please visit these villages.  You will get to see how peaceful people are. The media shows villages to be always miserable, so that you are convinced enough to remain in the city to support their profit-making.

Industrialization started on a large scale in 1970 and peaked after 1990. In India, the behemoth factories and the software culture began in only 2000.  Most of us therefore remember how peaceful our cities were before that. And primarily, cancer was rarely heard of.

Lord Krishna has many names, each of which describes one of His beautiful, transcendental qualities. Likewise, the Sanskrit word “Krishna” means all-attractive. From the Sanskrit root “Krish”, the words Krishak (farmer) and Krishi (farming) are derived. The Lord has done this to remind us all about His deep connection with agriculture.

The Lord showed by example how one should live by taking care of cows and cultivating agricultural lands for a simple, peaceful life. As devotees, we must follow the successful path the Supreme Lord Himself has chalked out for our sustenance.

If you google “Srila Prabhupada on self-sufficiency”, you will be surprised to see hundreds of instructions on self-sufficiency. Srila Prabhupada never recommends an impractical process.

Please take a closer look at the status of our present spiritual life and the stress we are all going through to meet our basic needs. We all know that charity begins at home. We offer pesticide and cancer-causing foods to our dear Deities and children. Is this a decent way of life? And how many hours in a week are we actually allocating for preaching? We can preach in the villages and towns and, by example, show city residents how life can be so good — simple and spiritual. This is the best method of preaching.

For the past five years, we have managed many preaching teams focusing more on village preaching. Initially, we concentrated on cities but gradually shifted our attention to villages, since the response to our programs from the villagers turned out to be ten times greater than whatever sporadic and lukewarm responses we received from the city-dwellers.

Example: Only ten devotees could be made in one full year by our preaching programs in a city, whereas our preaching programs in villages showed us that we could make a hundred devotees within the same time frame of one year. Preaching is the essence, but not at the stake of our bodily and spiritual health, which are negatively affected when we live in the cities.

Before deciding to build a big temple, please check with the devotee managers who have built temples in the past fifteen years and get their opinions. The managers will explain how difficult it is to maintain a temple because of many challenging management issues. Most of one’s energy goes into maintenance. Big crowds may come in, but fewer devotees are made compared to the number of devotees made by smaller preaching centres.

Farm projects have the best preaching opportunities, since thousands of people will soon start seeking shelter and looking for a peaceful and healthy life.

Srila Prabhupada encouraged building huge, prominent temples only in a few places; his Divine Grace wanted more small preaching centres in all other places.

The Indian cities are the worst choice due to pollution, ill-managed sewage, water issues and food contamination. On the contrary, Indian villages and small towns are the best places where one can acquire farmlands. Try to purchase land from places further inland; there is a considerable difference between the land price in metro cities and the land price in villages and towns further inland. Do not waste money by buying properties that are closer to cities. Their market value will collapse very soon. Check the land documents carefully with at least five or six legal experts with a lot of experience in land investments and disputes. Do not make any blind moves.

India is the future power of the world. Its leader Sri Narendra Modi is spiritual, honest, and intensely patriotic. He has been diligently working toward restoring India’s cultural and spiritual values; the government is very stable and secure.

All the so-called first-world countries will be in a big mess — gunfights, violence, riots and criminal activities. Therefore, we strongly encourage devotees to watch the news for at least fifteen or twenty minutes daily to know what is happening in their cities and worldwide. These mounting social issues are indications from the Lord for us to prepare and move to a better environment for practising spiritual and peaceful material life. Even the Lord showed by example when He instructed the Yadavas and His devotees to shift from Mathura to Dwaraka.

Third World countries will always fare better as people are simple and live with fewer expectations and conveniences. However, in first-world countries where ample modern facilities are at their fingertips, they turn violent and lose control as soon as they face any hardships. We are living in a deadly era of madness and mayhem

With all the injustice done to Mother Earth in the form of industries, mining, factories, animal slaughter and unnecessary wars, can we expect the world to be at peace? Apart from it all, we can see that the world’s future is quite bleak with a significant number of sins (such as the breaking of the four regulative principles) and bad karma piling up.

Srila Prabhupada often said that by the full expansion of Krishna consciousness, we could see a Vaikunta world. But are we expanding? Our growth and expansion of Krishna consciousness remain at the micro-level stage.

Unfortunately, we are also working directly for greedy corporations who are actively taking part in bringing our planet down in all ways possible. All professions directly or indirectly support the violation of the four regulative principles. The next generation will see a difficult-to-inhabit world of misfortune.

The wealth we had just 100 years ago was of gold, silver and copper coins. Until 1960, India calculated its wealth by how many cows a person had, how many acres of agricultural land a person owned, and how many bags of grains they had in storage. And this calculation model derives from our ancient Vedic scriptures. Today we only have paper and digital currency, which is easy to print and manipulate.

There has been a significant rise in today’s world population of homosexuals and lesbians. One of the main reasons for the increase is the consumption of genetically modified food. We all take such food, and there is no other option in the food chain market. We can only see products labeled “non-GMO food” in a few places.

Ninety per cent of the food is adulterated. The natural gene of the fruit/vegetable/grain seed is altered. Owing to unnatural seed modification, eating GMO food causes our bodies’ hormones to change and our thoughts to be perverted. This happens automatically because of the heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers that modify the natural food genes.

We should understand what kind of horrible impact GMO foods have on us. Growing our own food is the only solution. The rise of cancer is mainly due to food which is not grown organically. What we see in vegetable markets are nothing but Cancer Okra, Cancer Tomato, Cancer Chillies, Cancer Cabbage, Cancer Beans, Cancer Spinach, etc. Please clip the cancer tag onto your shopping cart when you next enter a supermarket to buy your food.

We can count the varieties of pizzas on our fingers… Mozzarella, cheddar, pepperoni, veggie, margarita, etc. but, unfortunately, the cancer varieties easily outnumber the pizzas.

According to the latest data, more than fifty varieties of cancer are prevalent.

Therefore, please visit cancer hospitals; you will see an overflow of patients, especially children, who are affected mainly due to food and water contamination.

To name a few: stomach cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, uterus cancer, bone cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer… The list is endless!

Now the latest research shows that our bodies have microplastics. All the foods we buy from the market have plastic packaging. So, all the food products are contaminated with a mixture of microplastics, which go into our system without us being aware of it. Due to microplastics, our kidneys and lungs get blocked, just as plastic debris blocks the drainage system.

Srila Prabhupada knew what was coming early on; so he tried his best to instruct us as much as possible on the importance of self-sufficiency and growing our food. Unfortunately, we are stuck in this vicious cycle. We must make strong and bold decisions to change our lifestyle and save our present and future generations from this horrible system.

All the foods available in supermarkets and outside stores have zero nutritional value. The farmers use heavy amounts of pesticides and fertilizers in present-day agriculture. So there is no nutritional value; all it has is cancer. This is not a blind statement, as we have done enough research in this area with the help of some of our close contacts from the Organic Agriculture department. These Agriculture experts travel within India and worldwide on organic agriculture-based projects, and their unanimous research-based conclusion is that today’s market foods have zero nutritional value and are cancer-causing.

Whether it is non-devotee or devotee children, our challenges in having them complete their studies and other activities are very stressful. On the spiritual side, how long can children chant or participate in kirtan or other services? There must be some practical activities tailor-made for anyone, especially children. All our children do all day is play with various play stations, cling to phones, or spend time in front of the television sets. And this is the open and sad truth.

However, if children live on a farm, many physical activities like tilling the soil, planting seeds, watering the garden, picking flowers, fruits and vegetables and caring for cows are there to keep them engaged always. They would be so busy during the day that they would have tired themselves enough to fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed and have a restful sleep throughout the night.

The present education system drains the children’s health and energy, causing so much stress. Moreover, the children must go through different psychological competitions designed by the outside world. At the end of the day, is all this required just for food and shelter?

Sending our children to the outside world is like parents digging a grave for their children. The world will become more demanding and more challenging as time passes. Selecting an eco-friendly life is the only solution. Unfortunately, even our devotee parents do not believe in self-sufficiency, simple living, and high thinking. We participate in the rat race as much as the outside world does, and sometimes more.

Children will have a bright future if they base their lives on agriculture and cow protection. They do not need to go through the challenging education system, which gets outdated every few years. With agriculture, there is no struggle or pressure to get updated with the latest technologies. Any education or job we perform should elevate our soul and consciousness.

Agriculture enables the youth to be self-sufficient, fully occupied, healthy and strong; it does not let them become white-collar slaves to corporations. Considering all the dangers on the road, there is no need to drive motor cars. The younger generation can live without fearing recession, inflation, or layoffs. In this way, they can lead a full life of independence. The impact is the opposite when our children participate in the commercial system. There is no failure when traditional occupations are practised.

Real advancement means not being forced to beg anyone for any sort of employment. After entering the Chakra-Vyuha, Abhimanyu did not know how to exit it. The Chakra-Vyuha of this capitalist economy is a labyrinth that none of us can escape.

Some decades ago, there lived a priest who was once caught in a flood.

But he did not try to save himself; he thought the Lord would come down personally and save him as he was a practicing devotee. All the roads were gradually getting flooded due to the overflowing of a river nearby. As the roads and the temple grounds were filling up with water, someone passing by on a horse-drawn cart asked the priest to get on and save himself, but the priest declined the offer, saying, “Lord Narayana will save me.” The water level kept rising, and the temple was almost flooded. Then came a big boat, and the boatman asked the priest to get on and save himself. Again, the priest declined the help extended and said, “I’m in my Lord’s hands. Worry not and pass on.”

The priest went to the temple’s rooftop, as the ground floor was completely underwater. This time, the government sent a rescue team with a helicopter to save all the people still caught in the flood waters, but even then, the priest refused to accept any help, expecting the Lord to appear and save him.

Finally, the temple also got submerged completely, and the priest died.

However, since he had worshipped the Lord throughout his lifetime, he went to Vaikuntha after death. When he saw Lord Narayana, he asked the Lord, “O Lord, why did You not come to save me? I thought You would come running to save me.” The Lord replied, “Well, I sent you a horse-drawn carriage first; then a boat and a helicopter. But you did not take the help I sent. It is not My fault. You should have used at least a little of the intelligence I have given you.” The moral of this story is: We must take seriously the warnings and indications that He gives through His different agents. The Lord indicates, through disasters, that we must make lifestyle changes by moving to places with a better environment.

Easy Money and modern facilities blind everyone. Often in the name of yukta-vairagya, so much harm is done to our spiritual life! Our elders did not have the material facilities we all have at present. Take this opportunity to shift to the natural way of life with all the facilities the Lord has blessed us with before it is too late!

All the respected leaders should talk more about farm life and a self-sufficient lifestyle to their followers and encourage them to embrace this Vedic lifestyle.
We are talking only about what Srila Prabhupada very sincerely and earnestly wanted. So please request your spiritual teachers and leaders to speak more about self-sufficiency.

We share all the information at our command, so that everyone can settle down in a farm community and live a healthy, peaceful and Krishna-conscious life. There is zero future in this capitalist economy. Making our children enter this system is the greatest blunder any parent can make.

We encourage you to buy land and set up your own farm. It is easy to figure out a system when you work with people with the correct attitudes and mindsets. We will give you more information about it if you can kindly subscribe to our free newsletter. We hope that the information and ideas we have provided will help you to take steps toward creating your successful farm community of self-sufficiency and peace.

Thank you.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!
Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatah!
Hari Om Tat Sat!

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